Tenth Anniversary International Forum "HIGH TECHNOLOGY OF XXI”

April 21 – 24, 2009

Moscow , the EXPOCENTR in the Krasnaya Presnya


The registration fee as set for the Eighth Forum is 8000 rubles plus 18% VAT per one participant. If there are more than one representatives of a company or organization participating in the Forum, the subsequent participants' fee is 6500 rubles plus 18% VAT per person.

The registration fee per delegate includes:

Attendance at the plenary session, other official meetings and the reception dinner
Attendance at all sessions of the Conference and all other events
Publication of information about the company/organization in the Forum Catalogue (not over 500 characters)
Publication of the summary of the presentation in the Collection Book
10 tickets to attend the “HT-2009” Exhibition and the Conference
Forum documentation containing the Exhibition Catalogue, the Collection Book, etc.
Availability of the EXPOCENTR facilities to carry out negotiations

To book the participation, you should e-mail or fax the Registration form for participation

in the International Conference and other Forum events

at the address of The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry  - the host to foreign delegates-  or

the Russian High-tech Development Fund – the organizer of the Conference

( see above)

The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

22 Ac. Pilugina St., 117393  Moscow,

Phone/Fax: (495) 132-7429,  913-2344

E-mail: extrade@mtpp.org

The Russian High-Tech Development Fund (RHTDF)

24/1, Petrovka St., 103051 Moscow,

Phone/Fax: (495) 663 9048 (Rus.)

E-mail: info@hitechno.ru

Company Name_________________________
Main Business Activity___________________
Key interest at the Forum_________________

Terms of payment of the registration

To book the participation in the Forum Conference and other events (NOT as an exhibitor), the Registration form should be directed by one of the above specified e-mail addresses. Upon receiving the form, the Forum Organizer extends the invoice (by e-mail or fax) at the delegate's address.

1. The registration fee must be paid by bank transfer upon receiving an Invoice from the Forum Organizer. Full payment of the registration is due before the date of the Forum.

2. The registration fee must be transferred in Rubles.

3. Regretfully, registration fee cannot be refunded in case of delegate's cancellation.

4. Substitutes are acceptable at any time. All substitutions must be received in writing.

5. A registration is confirmed by fax or by e-mail.

6. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organizer to change the content of the program.

Technical requirements

1. To publish the summary of the report, or an article, or project/ new technology description, the material of ½ - 3 printed pages is to be presented to the Russian High-Tech Development Fund. The material must no be of openly advertising nature. The material is to be extended not later than 2 March, 2009 .

2. The materials to be published in the Forum Catalogue and Collection Book must be presented in electronic versions.

3. The information to be published in the Forum Catalogue is to be presented in Russian and in English, the total volume not to exceed 500 signs, punctuation marks included. The information must be sent not later than 25 March, 2009

4. To be published the logotype or pictures in the Catalogue, the materials are to be presented in PSD or JPEG formats.





Terms of participation

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